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Our registered office is in Myrsinochori, Messinia, which belongs to the Municipality of Pylos - Nestoros. It is a semi-mountainous settlement at an altitude of 258 meters, 8.5 kilometers off the coast of the Ionian Sea and was in ancient times part of the kingdom of Nestor, ancient Pylos.

In the area of ​​ROUTSI lies a large part of our olive cultivation, where we were inspired by our name.

 Our olive groves are not irrigated with good drainage and sloping soil morphology. The fertile clay - calcareous soil of our area retains moisture, so no watering and fertilizer use is required.

 The main olive variety we cultivate is Koroneic, which produces the best quality olive oil, rich in phenols.

 We also grow blackberries, a local variety of King Nestoras - in smaller quantities - which is harvested earlier due to early ripening (mid-October). It gives us a very good quality olive oil of low acidity but with a milder taste.

 Olive cultivation in our area has its roots from ancient times and continues to this day.