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1. Harvesting begins in September

We use a olive harvester machine of our own making, with which we can start harvesting unripe olives very early, without hurting the trees.

 Thus, we produce a unique olive oil product rich in beneficial phenols, tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. A product - scientifically proven - with its antioxidant capacity to act as a shield to strengthen the human body against infarction, Alzheimer's, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and many other diseases.

  In the old way, if you tried to harvest the olives in September, you had to destroy the olive vegetation because the olives is unripe , so the next year the trees would not produce olives. With the machine we use, we can easily harvest the olives without hurting the tree and pruning, so that it does not get stressed out in the first cold of winter.

 We may thus lose some olive oil because the fruit has not fully ripen, but our product is superior in nutrients and this is what we are looking for.


 2. Daily transportation and milling of the fruit in the olive press, resulting in low acidity of the olive oil.

 The fruit is loaded in bulk in trucks or trailers and we transport it to our modern cold press mill with our own means of transport. With the mill there is an agreement for daily grinding of the fruit and picking up our olive oil.

 By transporting the olives in bulk we save fat by using mechanical means and save time so that the quality of the fruit does not deteriorate and thus increase the acidity of the olive oil. The time between harvesting the olives and producing olive oil does not exceed 10 hours.



3. There are no mineral oil residues in our olive oil because we do not use such oils in our chainsaws.

In order not to detect mineral oils in our olive oil, we use only chain oil lubricating mineral oil in gasoline saws. Also, from the branches that are harvested at harvest and having upper olives, after separating the thick wood, we cut the branches into a modern machine where the olives is separated. This machine, because it is pulled by the tractor, does not allow the fruit to be affected by mineral oils, as it is done with the classic manual machines







4. We do not pollute the environment by burning the branches and using chemicals to control weeds.

 At the end of the harvest we gather the wood and leave the branches to dry. In the spring, after a lot of cold has passed, we start doing the basic trimming. The greens that grow in our olive groves, we let them bloom to take advantage of our bees and produce beautiful flower honeys.

 After the end of spring, we pass all the hammer shredder estates and mow the branches along with the field greens, creating a kind of compost that is returned to the fields. In this way we remove the fields from the branches and the grass, thus taking the risk of fire. We leave the few grasses that will re-emerge in the summer months so that the few summer rains are best absorbed and shortly before harvest we destroy them with the chain shredder.


5. Avoid unnecessary and costly use of fertilizers. We apply natural lime and zeolite.


We perform soil analyzes and intervene with what the soil needs. Every 4th year we incorporate lime powder into the soil of the olive grove for better absorption of nutrients and healthier trees. In some olive groves we incorporate in the soil and zeolite for better moisture of the trees. An important factor is that the olives we cultivate are in very fertile and productive soil and are not combed during harvest, but combed with modern means.




6. Spraying with zeolite and anything permitted in organic farming.

 In our sprays we use natural zeolite and minimal corduroy pulp or copper, as well as thuringia bacilli.  All members of our team have a permanent home in the area and we monitor our trees daily and only intervene when needed. We respect nature and we fear chemicals. In our olive groves we also have our bees, because we must learn to coexist together. We are against spraying - precautionally - with chemicals! Instead, we spray with organic preparations to have healthy trees so they can withstand the difficult times. We do not practice organic farming, but we respect nature and man.